Why use The Scoping Network

We want you to trust your scopist. Our role is to ensure that you get the best possible transcript back in your possession and done in your style. We train our scopists and help along the way. You fill out a preference sheet on how you do things in your transcript so it is done the way you like it.

Please know there is NO JUDGMENT from our team. Do not worry about cleaning up your transcript before sending it in. We understand that there may be terms you have never heard of, accents that are hard to decipher, fast talkers, people interrupting each other, and hours of sitting in uncomfortable chairs with no breaks. We know how hard it is and we are here to be your partner.

Once our scopist has completed your transcript, we will then proofread it. This ensures that you are satisfied and assists with our training process.

Have a deadline the next day and need help finishing?  Call us and we will assist you!  Have a vacation coming up and don’t want any of your orders waiting for you when you come back?  Send us your transcript and audio, and we will complete the job while you are away.

Maybe you want to start taking on daily copy trials or hearings or multi-day jobs. We will partner with you during these times and work with you to provide quick and accurate transcripts.  We have portable internet available for your use.

RealTeam has really made dailies an easy process.  If you are not using Version 19 of Case CATalyst, we can help you set up work units, and we can still simultaneously scope while you are writing.

Have you thought about changing your writing or taking the RPR exam or training to be a captioner?  By having a scopist, this allows you the free time to work on your writing and dictionary entries while still being able to draw an income.