Our vision is to provide support services to court reporters by being part of a team. By teaming up with The Scoping Network, you will get hours of your valuable time back. Court reporting no longer has to be a solo career – you’ve already written the job, listened to all the questions and answers, described the exhibits; now trust The Scoping Network to support you. Leave all the extra hours of screen time with our team of trained, dedicated scopists.

Why use a scopist?

  • To save time
  • To meet deadlines
  • To prevent burnout
  • To get your evenings and weekends back
  • To easily produce daily copy transcripts

Scopists are the ideal solution for court reporters who may be overwhelmed and need some help to meet deadlines in the immediate future, or industry veterans who are ready to spend less time in their office and have more time for friends, family, or themselves.

Imagine if all you had to do was show up to the office and write the job. You make some j-defines, maybe some d-defines, describe the exhibits, fill in your title page, and then you send your transcript and audio to us. At that point, you get to do whatever you want, including taking on more jobs. If you don’t have to do the editing part, this frees up more time to take on more work or do whatever else you desire.

By hiring a scopist, you can also use the invoices as an expense on your taxes. As court reporters, besides the big purchases every five to ten years for a new machine or software costs, yearly support costs, parking costs, and some office supplies, there really isn’t much to claim. This is just another benefit of hiring a scopist.