Information for New Clients

 As a new client, we will create a folder with your name on it from our Dropbox user.  From there you will be able to upload files, audio, and any other pertinent information.

*Please note that while we really appreciate clients who take initiative to set up a folder or “share” their file with us, it is important that we set up the Dropbox folder from our end.  Once it is set up, it can be used to share files between us.

  • All new clients should fill in the Court Reporter Preference Form.  If the preference form is not filled out, our scopists will use our default preference form.  Your preference form will be saved in your folder, and you can update and change it at any time.  If one is not used, we may leave hidden texts for you to check while we are learning your preferences.
  • You will need to upload your layouts and include files to your folder. We also appreciate a sample transcript to reference.
  • The client must always send the date in which they require the transcript back, even if they are requesting 6+ days, along with the type of service they are seeking, approximate page numbers, audio length, and type of transcript. This information assists us with determining whether or not we can accept the job into our schedule.
  • Court reporters are responsible for building their own indexes and completing their title pages. The Scoping Network will complete the undertakings unless otherwise specified.  We will also complete the exhibits as long as we are provided detailed information.  We will not use the wording from the transcript to complete exhibits as you may have better notes or pictures for the description.

All of the information you share with The Scoping Network is kept under the strictest confidentiality.  We will not share any information with any outside parties.

The Scoping Network will send an invoice to your email after the completion of transcript.  Payments are due net 30 days.  Interest of 2% will be added to late payments.  GST will be added to the invoice total.

Payments can be made via e-Transfer to