Why use a Scopist


To save time
To meet deadlines
To prevent burnout
To get your evenings and weekends back
To easily produce daily copy transcripts

There are two types of reporters who use scopists.  First, there are those that end up being swamped and just need some help to meet deadlines in the immediate future.  This is great!  It prevents you from having sleepless nights and completely burning yourself out while being able to hand in your work on time.

Second, there are reporters who want their life back.  They have been in the industry for a while, and they no longer want to be stuck in their office with their headphones on all the time not being able to have time for their family or friends or themselves.

Imagine if all you had to do was show up to the office and write the job.  You make some j-defines, maybe some d-defines, describe the exhibits, fill in your title page, and then you send your transcript and audio to us.  At that point, you get to do whatever you want including taking on more jobs.  If you don’t have to do the editing part, this frees up more time to take on more work or do whatever else your heart desires.

And don’t forget that by hiring a scopist, you can use the invoices as an expense on your taxes.  As court reporters, besides the big purchases every five to ten years for a new machine or software costs, yearly support costs, parking costs, some office supplies, there really isn’t much to claim.  This is just another benefit of hiring a scopist.